Hi, my name is Tabitha I am a 4th psychic, advisor, and master spell caster. I have a very powerful spiritual connection to your angel guides and your spirit guide surrounding you, which helps me remove negative channels around your life path to help you receive the abundance of the universe that you desperately seek.

I was born with my gift so at a very young age I knew what it consisted of and over the past 10 years, I have been helping others be able to move forward within their life’s path and get them to a more peaceful and happy place within their life’s purpose. I will help my clients open up their horizon so they can manifest a very positive foundation, balance their spiritual being, career path, and help them connect with the love they so much deserve

I have helped many people find their way back to the one's they truly love,and with my third eye psychic ability I can name soulmates and give descriptions of people, places, and times you have met or will meet your soulmate. I will take your crises very seriously, as if it was my own. The spiritual work is private and confidential, my work will restore your faith once again.

Psychic Tabitha located in the heart of Seattle across the street from the Space Needle for over 6 years!

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